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NitroLab  [8Bomb Custom]

With respect to the history of legends
About me and my workshop concept

Welcome to Dr. Nitro workshop.
First of all, I am an artist and researcher. For over 20 years I have been working in the 
field of monumental and Christian art. The main task in my profession is a deep exploring of historical works of art in order to recreate, restore or create their works using the technologies used by the masters. To understand how the old masters worked 100, 500 or 2,000 years ago, you need to carry out a deep analysis of the techniques of painting, materials, the influence of time, the chemistry of colors, historical events in that period, and much more. I do this all my life. In parallel with my main profession as an artist, I've always studied music. I play many musical instruments - wind, keyboard and string. For a long period of time I was engaged in electronic music and production. I performed with my Band on many European venues. My love of electric guitar and my experience in the historical research of art resulted in my workshop.  This is what I love and what brings pleasure to me and my friends - the same fans of the classic sound of the Les Paul. I publish tutorials on the Art of Reliс on Patreon. There you can find out my secrets and all the technology of my work.


You can support my workshop by subscribing to my Patreon or donate to PayPal. Your help and support is very important to me. Thanks to this, I can develop my art and make high-quality translations for videos on the YouTube channel. Thank you!

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