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This set is designed for the Greeny project and is based on the model 59 clone, with an inverted magnet in the neck. But not only.

​Winding pattern corresponds to Leesonа 102 vintage winding machine

Wire Plain enamel 42g

bridge pickup - A4 Rough cast bar magnets magnet , long.

The covers are nickel-plated without intermediate copper layer and are aged to match Greeny's original pickups.

Resistance 7,9 - 8,1k (depending on ambient temperature)

Bright open, but with a softer, rounder vintage character. With a typical vintage PAF voice.

Neck pickup - A4 Rough cast bar magnets magnet, long. Resistance 7.6 - 7,7k

warm and open vintage sound with a clear attack and full spectrum.  Ideal for neck positionE In the middle position, creates an anti-phase and opens up the widest possibilities of control over the character of the sound and dynamics of the volume and tone controls on the guitar.

This set is very good for the EC-335, SG and Les Paul. Ideal for controlling the dynamics and break-up point of the overdrive with the volume and tone controls on the guitar.

•Demo Video 1•

•Demo Video 2•

P.Green '59 PAF

Bobbins color
  • Specifications of NitroLab PAF clones:

    • Vintage correct 8Bomb PAF bobbins (vintage white, black)

    • Vintage spec wire made for NitroLab workshop

    • Vintage correct NitroLab Long leg nickel silver baseplate  

    • Screw and slugs of low-carbon steel 

    • Vintage correct alloy bar magnets А2, А4, А5 made for NitroLab workshop

    • Bobbins holding screws: brass or steel 

    • NitroLab nickel silver covers without intermediate copper layer 

    • Highest quality external braided cloth covered wire

    ​All my PAF clones are not wax potted, so they have mic effect, which is one of the most important components of their voices.

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