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This PAF pickup set is made from  thicker than the traditional wire used to wind PAF pickups. Thanks to this, these humbuckers have a very wide frequency response that allows you to safely work with the equalizer when recording. Both low and high frequencies are more clearly audible in them, while maintaining excellent readability. It has very accentuated attack, like P90. The impedance of these pickups is lower than that of a traditional PAF - about 5.8 k. But thanks to the A5 magnet they have good volume and compression, while remaining dynamic. In my opinion this set is great for jazz and blues. For clear sound and crunch. Although overdrive they behave amazingly. Thanks to the good volume, they warm up the amplifier very quickly.

Jazz 41w

PriceFrom €380.00
Bobbins color
  • Specifications of NitroLab PAF clones:

    • Vintage correct 8Bomb PAF bobbins (vintage white, black)

    • Vintage spec wire made for NitroLab workshop

    • Vintage correct NitroLab Long leg nickel silver baseplate  

    • Screw and slugs of low-carbon steel 

    • Vintage correct alloy bar magnets А2, А4, А5 made for NitroLab workshop

    • Bobbins holding screws: brass or steel 

    • NitroLab nickel silver covers without intermediate copper layer 

    • Highest quality external braided cloth covered wire

    ​All my PAF clones are not wax potted, so they have mic effect, which is one of the most important components of their voices.

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