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Copy of vintage double white original PAF pickup

Winding pattern corresponds to Leesonа 102 vintage winding machine

Wire Plain enamel 42g

bridge pickup - A5 polished bar magnet .

Aged covers

Resistance 7,9 - 8,1k (depending on ambient temperature)

Bright open, but with a softer, rounder vintage character. With a typical vintage PAF voice.

Neck pickup - A5  polished bar  magnet. Resistance 7.6 - 7,7k

warm and open vintage sound with a clear attack and full spectrum.  Ideal for neck position

This set is very good for the EC-335 and Les Paul. Ideal for controlling the dynamics and break-up point of the overdrive with the volume and tone controls on the guitar.

*Demo Video•

'61 PAF Clone

PriceFrom €380.00
Bobbins color
  • Specifications of NitroLab PAF clones:

    • Vintage correct 8Bomb PAF bobbins (vintage white, black)

    • Vintage spec wire made for NitroLab workshop

    • Vintage correct NitroLab Long leg nickel silver baseplate  

    • Screw and slugs of low-carbon steel 

    • Vintage correct alloy bar magnets А2, А4, А5 made for NitroLab workshop

    • Bobbins holding screws: brass or steel 

    • NitroLab nickel silver covers without intermediate copper layer 

    • Highest quality external braided cloth covered wire

    ​All my PAF clones are not wax potted, so they have mic effect, which is one of the most important components of their voices.

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