'61/'59  PAF set

 A bright and open sound that allows you to enjoy the volume and tone controls on your guitar.

Winding pattern corresponds to Leesona 102 vintage winding machine

Wire  - Plain enamel 42g

bridge pickup - A5 Rough cast bar magnet magnets , long. Resistance 7.9-8.3k

Bright open and very sensitive. With a typical vintage PAF voice.

Neck pickup - A4 Rough cast bar magnet magnets , long. Resistance 7.3-7.6k

Bright and open sound with crisp attack and full spectrum. Ideal for neck position.

This set is good for Les Paul, ES-335 and SG. Great for Hard Rock, Blues, Jazz and even Metall

400 $ with covers

aging +20 $

Gold plated parts +50 $