P.A.F. Pickups clones

Since 2014, when together with Vashchenko we made the first prototype of the '59 Les Paul, I wanted to go further and start deep research on P.A.F. pickups. In this case, as in the study of design and technology 59 Les Paul, I also used my artistic research experience and the principles of reverse engineering. This always works flawlessly. The most important task for me was to recreate the voice and timbre of the original PAF and its amazing dynamics. The vast majority of modern pickups do not have these characteristics and nuances. The first versions of my pickups, which I made for friends and as experiments, I made from those replicas of PAF parts that are publicly available on various specialized online stores. Cellulose acetate butyrate bobbins, historical backplates, lids and other metal parts. Everything is as it should be. I was pleased with the results, but only until the moment when the original vintage PAF fell into my hands. Thanks to the help of my friends from around the world, I had the opportunity to examine several vintage original PAF 58, 59, 61 pickups. It turned everything upside down. With my friends we did a lot of testing and research on alloys, wires, sizes and more. It turned out that most of the parts that are on the market do not match the original specifications. Over the next few years, I experimented and learned to understand and adjust the dependence of various parameters in production in order to achieve that very sweet PAF voice. To do this, I had to make my own parts that are responsible for the correct sound. Now I manufacture and order parts from the factory that exactly meet my requirements and recreate the right clean and warm PAF voice that we all hear on our favorite records.


 My lineup of 8Bomb PAF clones consists of replicas of '58, '59, and '61 original "Patent Applied For" pickups that differ slightly in dynamics and sound nuances, but all have the same voice. Sometimes I manage to find vintage wire and then some models appear in this option. The W62 is made from vintage 1962 wire and these pickups have the widest frequency range. 


Of course, I pay special attention to a realistic relic. This is what makes the whole guitar look especially delicious. I really like to pay great attention to detail to make it look as realistic as possible. Just as if time did it.


Specifications of 8Bomb PAF clones:

•Vintage correct 8Bomb CAB PAF bobbyns (cream, black)

•Wire 42AWG Plane enamel 

• Vintage correct 8Bomb Long leg nickel silver baseplate  

•Screw and slugs of low-carbon steel 1018-1020

•Sand cast or rough cast bar magnets А2, А4, А5

•Bobbyns holding screws: brass or steel 

•Resistance can be from 7,3k to 8.3k.

•8Bomb nickel silver covers without intermediate copper layer 

•An exact replica of the “Patent Applied For” decal made by silk screen printing

•Highest quality external braided cloth covered wire

All my PAF clones are not potted, so they have mic effect, which is one of the

most important components of their voices.

8Bomb P.A.F. clones Lineup

'58 PAF Clone
'59 PAF Clone
'61 PAF Clone
Goldie PAF

                                                                   Please read before ordering.

Pickup set production time 1-2 weeks if all components are available. Each set of my pickups, before being sent to the customer, are subjected to several tests, including testing on a guitar.
Since this site is not an online store, then contact me by ordering or clicking the "Order" button I accept the order after full prepayment via PayPal. After that, I put you in a queue if it exists for this moment. When I start making your order, I will let you know and email you when the pickups are ready for shipment. Sometimes I put ready-made sets for sale on my Instagram. @8bombcustom So subscribe and stay up to date with the news..

WARRANTY: I give a lifetime warranty on my pickups.  If the pickup is abused, altered, leads altered, cover removed, worked on by someone other than me, and the pickup dies you will need to pay a repair fee for me to restore it. Uncovered pickups are waranteed for 2 years - you simply cannot truly protect an uncovered pickup.