For the  myfirst prototype 59 Les Paul, I could not afford the original pickups, since they were already very expensive at that time. I decided to order a replica of pickups from one of the most reputable replicators, who first began to explore P.A.F.  and make copies back in the nineties. These were really great cues. I became very interested in this knot in the guitar and began to study this topic. It took me about two years to learn it and make a pickup like I wanted. During this time, I researched almost all the replicas of P.A.F. pickups on the market and several original P.A.F. This allowed me to accurately understand the magic of the voice. As with 59 Les Paul, almost everything influences the correct sound of a P.A.F.: the material, the wire, its tension and pattern, each screw and alloy. Only after I had done a many experiments and was confident in the quality of my pickups, did I start making them to order. I do many parts myself as I can better control the quality and the final result.  I deeply modernized my winding machine to precisely control the wire tension, winding pattern and the arrangement of the turns. Thanks to this, I can get the sound and dynamics that I need.

PAFs have a lot of nuances, since all old PAFs sound differently and very often not quite the way they should be. I have to do many tests before the right set is obtained. It takes a lot of time. For this reason, I do not advertise very much yet. I'm an idealist and if I do not like the result of my work, then I completely redo it. I use materials that I chose from a list of suppliers. Every material and detail I have tested in my experience, so that every detail corresponded to historical specifications. This is importatnt because every material and detail has its influence on the sound.

Specifications of my  PAF clones:

•Butyrate acetate bobbins (cream, black)

•Wire 42AWG Plane enamel 

•Long leg nickel silver baseplate  

•Screw and slugs of low-carbon steel 1018-1020

•Sand cast or rough cast bar magnets А2, А3, А4, А5

•Bobbyns holding screws: brass or steel 

•Resistance can be from 7,3k to 9k, depending on the wishes.

•Historically correct  nickel silver covers . Coating - nickel without intermediate copper layer or uncoated.

•An exact replica of the “Patent Applied For” decal made by silk screen printing

•Highest quality external braided cloth covered wire

PAFs have a microphone effect, so when using high gain they can start feedback. Usually I do not apply paraffin to the PAFs, but for some it may be important. For this, if desired, I can bathe the wound bobbins (not the entire pickup entirely) in a mixture of 80% high-purity medical paraffin and 20% beeswax. 

8Bomb Pickups Lineup

                                                                   Please read before ordering.

Pickup set production time 1-2 weeks if all components are available. Each set of my pickups, before being sent to the customer, are subjected to several tests, including testing on a guitar.
Since this site is not an online store, then contact me by ordering or clicking the "Order" button I accept the order after 70% prepayment via PayPal. After that, I put you in a queue if it exists for this moment. When I start making your order, I will let you know and email you when the pickups are ready for shipment. Final payment should be made just before shipping.

WARRANTY: I give a lifetime warranty on my pickups.  If the pickup is abused, altered, leads altered, cover removed, worked on by someone other than me, and the pickup dies you will need to pay a repair fee for me to restore it. Uncovered pickups are waranteed for 2 years - you simply cannot truly protect an uncovered pickup.

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The site is not an online store. To place an order please contact me.

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