Goldie PAF set

In my opinion this is the best sound set I've done. Pronounced "pom" effect, biting attack and excellent balance of dynamics and volume.

Winding pattern matches Lesonа 102

HF wire 42g

bridge pickup -  A5 Rough cast bar magnets magnet, long. Resistance 7.9-8.3k

Bright open, with a softer, rounder character. With a typical vintage PAF voice.

Neck pickup - A5 Rough cast bar magnets magnet, long. Resistance 7.3-7.6k

Bright and open sound with crisp attack and full spectrum. Dynamic.

This set is very good for the EC-335 and Les Paul. Good for Blues, Rock and Jazz

400 $ with covers

 aging 20 $

Gold plated parts + 50 $

400 $ with covers

aging +20 $

Gold plated parts +50 $